a)Bring together, innovate and make sustain the ancient traditions of curing and treatment methods for illnesses

b)Create a regional platform in Malaysia for eminent researchers, scholars, academicians, physicians, medical practitioners, manufacturers and members of the corporate sector, agriculture and stake holders from all over the world pertaining to traditional and complimentary medicine.

c)Provide an overview of the latest information on Alternative Traditional and Complimentary Medicine’s approach to health including practical strategies for incorporating evidence based modalities into clinical practices.

d)Explore and Exhibit the latest developments in the field of Alternative Traditional and Complimentary Medicine.

e)Create opportunities for collaborations in between and among academic & research institutions, pharmaceutical manufacturers, herbal producers, suppliers, retailers, etc.


a)Advance Literature Review, Clinical and Experimental Research on Alternative Traditional and Complimentary Medicine

b)Clinical Management on Communicable Diseases and Non Communicable Diseases. (Panel)

c)Natural Products Development. (Paper Presentation)

d)Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology of Medicinal Plants. (Paper Presentation)

e)Herbal Cosmetics and Neutraceuticals. (Paper Presentation)

f)Patents and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Herbal Medicine and Research Ethics in Traditional Medicine.

g)Bio-Medical Informatics Stream Related to Traditional Medicine.

h)Yoga and naturopathy.

i)Easy acessibility of Traditional & Complimantary Medicine.